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Trained in both Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow I'm currently teaching classes and workshops for schools, charities, directly through my own classes and for trainee Yoga Teachers.


Interests.. I'm interested in a truly functional approach, I'm interested in holding useful space, I'm interested in exploring Yoga in spaces and settings where it’s less commonly found and I'm interested in working with Yoga teachers on any of these themes.


Work... I've been working in the charity sector for over 10 years, designing and leading local and national work, currently leading projects for a national youth charity and studying Counselling and Psychotherapy alongside.


Whether working directly with groups or individuals, leading or designing services and whether focusing on older people, carers or young people, a theme through my work has been around how barriers and blocks can be understood and worked through. Barriers to meaningful connection, to fulfilling potential and to living more fully, and how we reach people in

all senses. I suppose more recently I've also become more interested in reaching understanding and working through blocks and stuckness in ourselves.

I am particularly interested in the commonalities and connection

points between Yoga and Talk therapy and I'm particularly interested in

the body in talk therapy and the mind in Yoga.


Varied work, chunky bits of travelling and a restless curiosity mean my life/career is

probably more tangled web than neat ladder, a web that is itself starting to knit

together more and more closely. Yin feels like a place where many of my skills

and interests integrate and you'll see plenty of thoughts, musings and explorations 

in my Blog. 


  • BSc Hons in Health Sudies

  • RYT 200 (Vinyasa Flow) - Bewell

  • 'Art of Yin' Level 1 - DubYin Yoga

  • Currently completing Therapy Training Foundation Year 

Current Projects

  • Teaching Yoga Teacher trainees with Be-Well

  • Teaching for a range of Schools and charities

  • Vinyasa Flow and Yin classes and workshops taught directly through PollyRoseYoga : outdoor and online 

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